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TGI Korean BBQ established restaurant business in 2018. Our main mission statement is to provide top quality taste, while encompassing everything from tangible elements like decor and lighting to experiential factors such as the quality of service and the variety of side dishes we offer. We have created a bright party atmosphere at TGI KBBQ, accurately portraying the famous K-Town night life. Due to the nature of All You Can Eat, we have endless amounts of delicious animal protein offerings, along with native Korean beer and soju, all for very reasonable prices.



Why choose between quality and quantity when you can have both? There is an element of excitement that coincides with dining at our all-you-can-eat restaurant, especially when you come with friends and family! We are an All You Can Eat restaurant, but we have retained the top quality and freshness of our protein, the generous and beauty of TGI KBBQ.

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